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What To Wear

It is important to remember that when choosing outfits, potential new members keep clothing appropriate. 

(i.e. avoid tight clothing, plunging necklines, etc.)

Welcome Round

For this round women will wear the Panhellenic Recruitment T-Shirt given to them at Recruitment Kickoff.  This round is casual, but you can accessorize your shirt to match your personal style, like with fun jewelry or a jacket. Women may choose to wear jeans, or another type of bottoms, with boots, flats, sneakers or whatever you are most comfortable in.  This is the longest round, so be prepared to do a lot of walking!

The sorority women will be wearing a t-shirt with their chapter name on it, most likely with jeans.  

Philanthropy Round

The attire for this round is casual, but nice. You may wear jeans, pants, or casual skirts, with boots/heels/flats. We recommend staying away from any uncomfortable shoes! You can pair your own top with a fun cardigan or jacket. Feel free to accessorize to show off your personality! Wear something that you would wear on a date, to church, or to a nice dinner! 

Sisterhood Round

For this round, outfits should be business or smart casual. Skirts, dress pants, conservative dresses, a jumpsuit, dressy top, and flats or a simple heel could be options.  Remember to keep necklines, and skirt or dress lengths conservative. Keep in mind you will be sitting down and standing up off of the floor, so be weary of too high of heels or short hemlines. 

Preference Round

For the last round of recruitment, wear a nice dress (semi-formal). A nice jumpsuit could also be an option for this round.  Please do not wear prom style dresses or formal ball gowns. This round is long and you could be sitting on the floor, so make sure your dress is appropriate and comfortable enough to be seated in.  

REMEMBER: Always dress for yourself!  Recruitment is the time to show your personal style during each round, and you will be more comfortable expressing your true self.  Celebrating your style will only help you in ending up where you are supposed to be! 


For more outfit ideas, check out our Pinterest page! 

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