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Primary Recruitment

 We are so excited that you are interested in joining our community! The Panhellenic Association hosts primary (or formal) recruitment each Spring Semester. It is an opportunity to visit each Panhellenic sorority on the Miami University campus. Potential new members (PNMs) will meet every chapter and learn what each has to offer. Panhellenic Recruitment is a mutual selection process. As the week continues, PNMs will visit fewer chapters and will make a final decision by selecting the chapter that is the best fit for them!

Registration will open on August 1st, 2024 and close on January 3rd, 2025. The registration fee is $75. The registration fee is non-refundable. In order to be eligible, you must meet the university requirements. Registering for recruitment does not guarantee that each PNM will get a bid. In addition to the registration form, PNMs also have a chance to submit an Optional PNM Welcome Round Video

Primary Recruitment Structure

Recruitment Kick Off

Recruitment Kick Off occurs the Thursday night before Welcome Round begins. Located in the Armstrong Pavilion, you will check-in, get your name tag and t-shirt, and meet your Rho Gamma group. Panhellenic will host a presentation about recruitment expectations and logistics. Afterwards you will go to an assigned location with your Rho Gamma groups to get to know each other and dive deeper into recruitment logistics and answer any questions you have about the process.


What to wear: This night is casual! Dress in whatever is comfortable for you. Athleisure/jeans and a t-shirt are all acceptable. You will not be meeting any chapters this evening.


Welcome Round

Welcome Round will include 17 chapters that have created a 5 minute introduction video showcasing their sisterhood, values, and activities. On Friday, you will watch all 17 Welcome Round videos with your Rho Gamma group in-person at an assigned location. These videos are a way for you to learn more about the chapter and hear from some of their members!


You also have the opportunity to submit an introduction video of yourself. This is optional, but highly encouraged as it is a great way for chapters to get to know you better. Head to the drop-down menu under Recruitment and click on  “Potential New Member (Optional) Welcome Round Video” for directions and guidelines.

What to wear: This night is casual! Dress in whatever is comfortable for you. Athleisure/jeans and a t-shirt are all acceptable. You will not be meeting any chapters this evening.


After this round, you will rank all the chapters and identify the 11 chapters you would most like to see in the next round of recruitment. 


Philanthropy Round

During Philanthropy round, potential new members will have a maximum of 11 events, although you may have less. Each event will last 25 minutes. Philanthropy is something that is very important to each chapter at Miami. This round will give you a glimpse into the philanthropy that each sorority supports at the local and national level. This is a great round to see what each sorority is passionate about. You will have the opportunity to talk to members of the chapter and get a better idea if this chapter is the right place for you.

What to wear: Panhellenic will provide you with a t-shirt for this round! Chapters will also be wearing t-shirts. Nicer bottoms such as shorts, jeans, skirts, slacks, etc. are all appropriate. Wear whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable! We do recommend comfortable shoes as you will be walking from chapter to chapter. Don't forget your coat for when you are outside!

After this round, you will rank all chapters you visit in your preferential order.

*TIP: Think about what philanthropies you are passionate about and what service related events you were involved with in high school!



Sisterhood Round

This round, potential new members will have a maximum of 7 events. Each event lasts 40 minutes. During this round you will get the opportunity to see the personality of each chapter. Chapters present videos during this round to introduce you to some of the traditions and events the sorority participates in and you will hear from members about their sisterhood. You will get the opportunity to meet and talk to even more women. 

What to wear: This round is snappy casual. Casual dresses, blouses, skirts, slacks are all appropriate for this round. Chapters will be dressed similarly. Think about what you might wear to a nice brunch or dinner with friends. You will be walking to chapter events so bring a coat/warm shoes to walk in between events.


After this round, you will rank all chapters you visit in preferential order.

*TIP: You get to see what the different sororities do around campus. Think about what you like to do on campus and the things you would like to get more involved in and see if joining this chapter would help you! Also, listen to how the members describe their sisterhood and see if there are similarities in what you look for in friendships!



Preference Round

This is the final round of recruitment. Potential new members will have a maximum of 2 events to attend. Each event lasts one hour. This round is the last chance you get to talk to the women in the sorority and determine if this could possibly be your home away from home! Like in previous rounds, you will have the opportunity to talk to sorority women, and they will share with you why they chose their sorority and what it has come to mean to them. Preference round is the most serious round of recruitment.

What to wear: This round is the most formal round of recruitment. Formal dresses, skirts, and slacks are all appropriate. Think about what you might wear as a wedding guest! You will be walking to chapter events so bring a coat/warm shoes to walk in between events.


After the events are completed, you will then rank the sororities you visited in the order in which you wish to receive a bid. ​


*TIP: When making the final decision on how to rank your sororities, think back to the previous rounds and recall what you liked best and where you felt the most comfortable.


Bid Day

This is the day that you will receive your official invitation to join a chapter! You will meet chapter leaders and other new members of your new chapter. The chapter will host a celebration that evening to welcome you to the community.

What to wear: This is a casual day and the chapters will provide you with a t-shirt once you open your Bid. To Bid Day you can wear causal or snappy casual attire, whichever you are comfortable. Keeping in mind that you will be changing into a t-shirt later!

Helpful Advice

Be yourself!

This is the most important thing to remember throughout recruitment. You want to find a sorority that accepts you for you and makes you feel at home.  Do not adopt a new personality just because of recruitment! Each chapter has its own personality and women that could be the perfect fit for you. Sororities are interested in the real you, so be yourself. 


Keep an open mind!

When you receive your schedule from your Rho Gammas at the beginning of each round, you may not receive your top choices back. Don’t get discouraged. If you ask many women currently in sororities, they’ll say that their opinions of each chapter changed drastically during the course of recruitment. Though you may not have “clicked” with a sorority on a particular day, it might have just been one particular person that you talked to and didn’t have much in common with. Each sorority has over 200 members, so don’t base your opinion on just one conversation.


Similarly, you may not receive as many sororities back as some other women in your group. Remember that it only takes one bid on Bid Day to join, so keep an open mind and get excited about the chapters that did invite you back!

Don't forget about your Rho Gammas! 

They are here to help you through the entire process. If you are having a hard time, talk to them! Rho Gammas went through the same thing you are, so they are someone who can really relate. 


Don't say anything negative!

Remember, if you don't see yourself fitting in at a certain chapter, that doesn't mean someone right next to you shares the same feeling. You should NEVER say anything negative about a chapter, chapter members, or any other potential new members. 

Utilize time management!

​Manage your time wisely. While the two weeks of primary recruitment can be an exciting and intense time, women who manage their time will find the weeks much easier than those who do not. Remember to allow enough time for your meals, homework, and sleep during recruitment.

Get to know the women in your Rho Gamma group!

During primary recruitment, you will have the opportunity to meet many wonderful sorority women, as well as the other women going through recruitment with you. These other potential new members might turn out to be your new sisters, or they might join a different chapter and you’ll see them at many community events over the next few years. Having friends in other chapters is a huge part of being in a sorority.

Stick with it! 

At times recruitment may seem stressful, but have fun with it! This is an opportunity to meet hundreds of great women in a short amount of time. Enjoy recruitment and by the end of the two weeks the reward of a new sisterhood will make it all worth it!

Things to Pack for Recruitment

Extra ponytail holders 


Bobby pins 


Hair brush 


Band aids


Cough Drops 




Water bottle 


Pen for note taking between events




Warm clothing for walking around

Comfortable shoes for walking around


Instant stain remover 





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