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Our Five Pillars

Our community is built upon these five pillars, which remind us about why we became Panhellenic women and the unified mission that guides each of our individual chapters. 

Scholarship & Learning

Theta Graduation

Helping members achieve academic excellence is the primary goal of the fraternity and sorority community. Each chapter maintains a unique scholarship program designed to challenge its members to higher standards and recognize outstanding academic achievement.


The overall Greek GPA remains above the Miami undergraduate non-Greek GPA. Through faculty engagement and appreciation, the Greek community is continually strengthening relationships with faculty, staff, and administration. 

Philanthropy & Service
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It helps foster personal growth and unity among the members of the Miami fraternity and sorority community. One of the most rewarding aspects of fraternity and sorority involvement is the opportunity to impact the lives of those in the community.


Last year, Miami fraternities and sororities performed nearly 45,000 hours of community service and contributed nearly $250,000 dollars to charitable causes through hands on service projects as well as philanthropic fundraisers. 

Leadership & Values
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Miami fraternity and sorority students are a part of a vibrant culture of leadership. They are involved in almost every campus organization and hold positions from student body officers to members of the university programming boards. As a member of the fraternity and sorority community, you will have the opportunity to participate in many leadership programs and institutes sponsored by the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and Leadership. 


Our community has thrived for over 190 years! By joining this community, you would be linked to nearly 5,000 members sharing diverse interests and common values. Miami's fraternity and sorority community can offer opportunities that you will find hard to match elsewhere. Through fraternity and sorority sponsored events, philanthropies, sports, and speakers, your experience at Miami will be enhanced by your Greek involvement. 

Sisterhood & Brotherhood
Phi Sig Bid Day

These principles are the cornerstone that each fraternity and sorority is built upon. The lasting friendships you form as a sorority sister or fraternity brother will make Miami University a home away from home with your new "family" that will last well after your undergraduate experience is complete. 


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