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Frequently Asked Questions
about Recruitment

Have questions about recruitment? Join us for What It Means to be Panhellenic on Wednesday, November 15th at 7:00 PM in Shriver JDOL.


Weren't able to attend this event? Check out the slide deck where many of your questions might have been answered! Access the slide deck here. 

What is Formal/Primary Recruitment? 

The Panhellenic Association hosts formal recruitment each Spring Semester. It is an opportunity to visit each Panhellenic sorority on Miami University’s campus. Potential new members (PNMs) will meet every chapter and learn what each has to offer. As the week continues, PNMs will visit fewer chapters and will make a final decision by selecting the right group for them. 


What is values based recruitment?

Our goal is to create a recruitment system that helps our chapters find women who value the same things as our members, and help our Potential New Members choose chapters based on their character. 


We want each chapter to lean into what makes them unique and showcase that throughout all of recruitment, therefore attracting PNMs who appreciate and possess those same attributes.  


Values based recruitment emphasizes a holistic and genuine view of both PNMs and chapters - when focusing on core values, standards, and principles, it takes the focus off of “Am I good enough? Am I pretty enough? Do they like me?” and shifts it to “Do we share the same values?”


How many chapters are there?

There are 16 chapters that fully participate in primary recruitment. Alpha Epsilon Phi is a member of Panhellenic and MGC and Kappa Phi is an associate member. These chapters only participate in the first round of recruitment. Pi Beta Phi will be re-establishing in Spring of 2024 but will participate in their own recruitment process after primary recruitment.


Am I eligible to join a Panhellenic sorority?

In order to join a Panhellenic sorority, you must have completed, at Miami University or other accredited institution of higher education:

  • one full-time fall or spring semester

  • 12 college credit hours (does not include AP, IB, dual-enrollment credit achieved in high school)

  • at least a 2.5 minimum grade point average (transfer GPAs cannot be combined - only the most recent college GPA received will be considered) 

    • Many chapters have a higher GPA requirement than a 2.5. Check out our chapter pages for this information.

  • the on-line education course prior to the start of recruitment


Student eligibility will be verified by the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life prior to the chapter extending any form of invitation to membership. Only transcripts from the most recent institution attended will be considered. Once membership has been gained to a fraternity or sorority, it is up to each chapter to determine an individual's requirements to maintain membership.

What if I don't fit the stereotype of a typical “sorority girl?”

There are very few women in Greek life that actually fit that stereotypical mold. Sorority girls are not all blowing glitter, wearing matching t-shirts, and walking to a hit song for a recruitment video. We’re all friends who get involved and have fun, but there is no stereotypical sorority girl here. Greek women at Miami consistently have higher GPAs than the all women’s average, while participating in more activities in and outside of Greek life. With 19 sororities at Miami, there is a place for every woman to fit in!


I was told I need to complete the Values Bracket activity. Where do I find that?

You will complete the Values Bracket activity on Campus Director, the website you used to register for primary recruitment. Sign in to Campus Director here: Once logged in, there will be a menu on the left hand side and you should see an option for the Values Bracket activity. Please complete this by January 5th, 2024. 


Do I need a letter of recommendation?

Recommendation letters are not required to participate in women's recruitment at Miami University. Nevertheless, they are a great way to introduce a potential new member to a sorority before recruitment starts! We encourage all potential new members to talk to affiliated women (e.g., family friends, teachers, youth group leaders, or anyone who can attest to the skills and character of the potential new member) and request recommendations to be sent on their behalf. However, rest assured that you can still receive a bid to a chapter if you do not have a recommendation form! 


Every sorority has a slightly different recommendation process and some may have a special form that must be completed and signed. If you do have a letter of recommendation, check out each sorority’s national headquarters website to learn more about the recommendation process and where to send forms and letters.


What is a legacy?

A daughter, sister or granddaughter of an initiated member of a sorority. Each Panhellenic member organization has its own definition of and invitation policies regarding legacies.


I am a legacy to a certain chapter. Should I report that during registration? What does that mean for me in the recruitment process?

You may report your legacy status when you register for recruitment through Campus Director but you are not required to do so. If you claim that you are a legacy to a particular chapter, they will be able to see that. Please note that each chapter has their own legacy policy that they follow during the primary recruitment process. Being a legacy to a chapter does NOT guarantee that you will receive a Bid from that chapter.


If I participate in recruitment am I obligated to join a sorority?

No. The purpose of formal recruitment is to allow all women who are interested in joining a sorority to learn more about the chapters and to help find their perfect fit. No one is obligated to join a sorority and you may withdraw from recruitment at any time.


Does everyone participating in recruitment receive a bid?

If you go through the entire recruitment process and rank all chapters you visited for preference round, you are guaranteed a bid. However, it may not be a bid from your first choice chapter.  There is never a 100% chance that any PNM will be placed in the chapter they ranked first in their preference. On the other hand, if you do NOT rank all the chapters you visited during preference round or you intentionally preference a single chapter, there is no guarantee that you will be offered a bid.


What can I expect each round of recruitment?

Welcome Round - Welcome Round will include 18 chapters that have created a 5 minute introduction video showcasing their sisterhood, values, and activities. On Friday, February 2nd, you will watch all 18 Welcome Round videos with your Rho Gamma group in-person at an assigned location. These videos are a way for you to learn more about the chapter and hear from some of their members! You also have the opportunity to submit an introduction video of yourself. This is optional, but highly encouraged as it is a great way for chapters to get to know you better. Head to the drop-down “Potential New Member (Optional) Welcome Round Video” for directions and guidelines. (Can also be found on CampusDirector for registration.) After this round, you will identify the 11 chapters you would most like to see in the next round of recruitment.  You will also identify alternates.


Philanthropy Round - During philanthropy round, potential new members will have a maximum of 11 events. Each event will last 25 minutes. Philanthropy is something that is very important to each chapter at Miami. This round will give you a glimpse into the philanthropy that each sorority supports at the local and national level. This is a great round to see what each sorority is passionate about. You will have the opportunity to talk to members of the chapter and get a better feel for if this chapter is the right place for you. After this round, you will rank all chapters you visit in your preferential order.


Sisterhood Round - During this round, you will have a maximum of 7 sorority events. Each event lasts 40 minutes. During this round you will get the opportunity to see the personality of each chapter. Chapters present videos during this round to introduce you to some of the traditions and events the sorority participates in and you will hear from members about their sisterhood. You will get the opportunity to meet and talk to even more women. After this round, you will rank all chapters you visit in preferential order.


Preference Round - This is the final round of recruitment, it is fully in-person. Potential new members will have a maximum of 2 events to attend. Each event lasts one hour. This round is the last chance you get to talk to the women in the sorority and determine if this could possibly be your home away from home! Like in previous rounds, you will have the opportunity to talk to sorority women, and they will share with you why they chose their sorority and what it has come to mean to them. Preference round is the most serious round of recruitment. After the events are completed, you will then rank the sororities you visited in the order in which you wish to receive a bid. ​


What should I wear for each round of recruitment?

As we practice a values based recruitment there is NO dress code. We ask that you dress whatever you feel most comfortable in and showcase’s your personality! As you go through the rounds Chapter members tend to dress more professional. 


How do I learn more about each chapter?

There are a few ways to learn more about each chapter! The first is to come to Sprite Dates in the fall semester which are on November 4th and 5th. This will give you the opportunity to go to each chapters’ suite and talk to their members. The next best thing to do is to look through their social media accounts! This will give you an idea about what their chapter is up to throughout the year. You can also follow the Panhellenic social accounts to learn more information about all chapters!


Are there Sorority Houses at Miami University?
There are no sorority houses in Oxford, Ohio.  Sorority women have the opportunity to live in a Sorority Corridor (floor of a dorm) in Sorority Quad during their Sophomore year. 

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