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Meet the Executive Board

The Panhellenic Executive Board serves as the communication link between sororities, campus organizations, and community leaders. Through various programs, we seek to provide personal enrichment and knowledge to all Greek women.

The Panhellenic Association's influence is a crucial part of sorority life at Miami, one that promotes a stronger Fraternity and Sorority community overall.
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Adriana Rivera

Position Description:   

Responsible for running executive board meetings and council meetings, working with the EVP to ensure board members are completing their tasks. Work with advisors to understand and implement University initiatives and focus on the long term growth and development of the community. Support all chapters from a governing council standpoint to further the prosperity of the Greek community and the overall Miami community. 

Year: Junior


Major: Political Science and Sociology minor


Hometown: Chicago, IL


Chapter: Zeta Tau Alpha

Fun Fact! "I went to boarding school in high school so I lived in a dorm for 5 years straight."




Executive Vice President

Megan Miske

Position Description:

The Executive Vice President is in charge of the internal workings of the Panhellenic Association. The EVP is responsible for recording council meeting minutes and working closely with the President to support the chapters and Exec Board, along with organizing the Panhellenic Hub page and calendar and reserving rooms for various events.

Year: Junior


Majors: Strategic Communication and American Studies


Hometown: Dayton, OH

Chapter: Phi Sigma Sigma

Fun Fact! "I can speak three languages! Italian, Spanish, and German."

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I wanted to make this campus feel smaller through a community and I wanted to find a group of girls with similar values as me. Because of Panhellenic, I have been able to meet so many amazing people and have
given so many wonderful opportunities!"



Vice President of Standards

Ashleigh DeLong

Position Description:

Standards mainly approve and manage the archives of registered socials. I also meet with chapters who may be having organizational standards issues and put mechanisms in place to mitigate these issues. Some of these mechanisms require programming that I present or put on for chapters. I also work with IFC VP of Conduct to monitor the social policy and suggest and enforce changes to it as they are needed.

Year: Junior

Majors: Biology Pre-Med


Hometown: Noblesville, IN


Chapter: Alpha Delta Pi

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek to meet women that would become friends for the rest of my life and to find amazing leadership opportunities!"

Fun Fact!: "I love to go hiking!"



lindekin pic.jpeg

Vice President of Recruitment

Deisi Kazazi

Position Description:

Select members for the Recruitment Committee and women to be Rho Gammas. Coordinates monthly meetings with chapter recruitment chairs and the Recruitment Committee. Plans "Go Greek" events with the VP of Recruitment for IFC. These events include Greek Move-In, Mega Fair, and the Go Greek Football Game/Tailgate. Other events in the fall include Informal and Formal Recruitment Kickoff, Sprite Dates, and many more. Organizes the formal recruitment schedule, communicates with the chapters throughout formal recruitment and plans Bid Day. 


Year: Junior


Major: Political Science Minor: Economics


Hometown: Chicago, IL


Chapter: Alpha Chi Omega

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because coming to Miami I didn't know many people from home and I wanted to find a group of women who I could count on through anything. Through the process, I have met so many amazing women who will be in my life forever!"

Fun Fact! "I was born in Europe!"



Vice President of Programming

Faye Sawtelle


Position Description:

Plans all Panhellenic events that do not pertain specifically to recruitment or community service. Notable events are and Greek Week in the fall and Panhellenic Pride Week in the spring. The VP of Programming is also responsible for working with third parties to plan any co-hosted events whether it be the Oxford Community, IFC, etc. 

Year: Sophomore


Major: Economics


Hometown: Cleveland, OH


Chapter: Chi Omega

Why I Went Greek: "I decided to go Greek after hearing about all the amazing friendships my sister had made after she rushed. I wanted to make long-lasting friendships through the diverse group of women here at Miami! It has also opened up a wide range of leadership opportunities that I have met even more women through."

Fun Fact! "I have hiked 2 mountains in Scotland!"




Vice President of Member Development

Mackenzie Blazek

Position Description: 

VP of Member Development focuses on trying to make the community develop as a whole; not just during the new member period or when new members are initiated. I plan events like New Member Convocation, Greek Step Up, and Acropolis. I also help to coordinate LLCs and the Sorority Corridors, Scholarship & Learning, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Year: Sophomore


Majors: Biology and Pre-Medical Studies


Hometown: Pickerington, Ohio


Chapter: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I was looking to find my forever friends and I wanted to make my college campus feel a little more like home and I have certainly loved everything about my Greek experience here at Miami!"

Fun Fact! "I am an aunt to my amazing 2 year told niece and 2 month old nephew who live in Florida, so if I'm not in Oxford you can always find me visiting them in Florida."




Vice President of Service and Philanthropy

Jane Finley


Position Description: 

The main obligations of this role include working with philanthropy and service chairs from each chapter to assist their chapter in fulfilling their requirements in both of those areas. Another important task is to network within the community to make sure that the Greek community has an overall positive reputation- and to bring any of their concerns to the rest of the executive board.  Coordinate the planning of Greek Service Week as well as Greek Spring Clean.

Year: Sophomore


Majors: Political Science & Philosophy with a minor in Criminology

Hometown: Cleveland, OH


Chapter: Kappa Alpha Theta

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I wanted to be a part of a big group of girls that I knew would always have my back." 

Fun Fact!: "I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan!"



Vice President of Finance

Annie Cheng

Position Description:

The main responsibilities are setting and overseeing a year-long budget of around $150,00. This includes scheduling and documenting payments of each of the executive board members and collecting dues twice a year from all Panhellenic chapters.

Year: Junior


Major: Accounting and Finance with Pre-Law


Hometown: Englewood, Colorado


Chapter: Delta Delta Delta

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I wanted to find a community of women that held similar values, beliefs, and aspirations. I don't have any siblings but being in my sorority, I found a group of sisters that push me to better myself, are there for me no matter what, and are some of my best friends."

Fun Fact!: "I used to eat lemons like oranges when I was little." 




Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Brynn Rosenstein

Position Description: 

Works with different members of the executive board and other directors to promote diversity and inclusion throughout the Panhellenic community.

Year: Junior


Major: Psychology, Pre-Medical Studies, and Neuroscience


Hometown: Elmhurst, IL


Chapter: Gamma Phi Beta

Why I Went Greek: "When coming to Miami, I struggled with being so far from home and leaving my hometown friend group. I decided to go Greek because I knew that I would be able to find an amazing group of girls that valued the same things as me and make Miami feel like home!"

Fun Fact! "Spanish was my first language!"


Board of Directors


Director of Marketing

Lauren Garlow

Position Description: 

Maintains all Panhellenic social media accounts, keeps the website up to date and coordinates with other board members and chapters to promote Panhellenic events. Creates all graphic designs for Panhellenic events, as well as merchandise. Reports on community achievements with Press Releases to local news outlets and brainstorms new ways to promote a positive brand image of the Panhellenic Community. 

Year: Junior


Majors: Data Analytics & Political Science


Hometown: Troy, OH


Chapter: Chi Omega

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I had just transferred to Miami and was looking for a way to meet new people and get involved on campus."

Fun Fact!: "I studied in London for two months last summer!"




Director of Risk Prevention

Taylor Rice

Position Description: 

Director of Risk Prevention assists in managing the archives in registered socials. Works directly with the VP of Standards and individual chapters to mitigate risk within our community. 

Year: Junior


Major: Political Science Minor: General Business 


Hometown: Westchester, NY


Chapter: Delta Zeta

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I wanted to make lifelong friends and become more involved on campus and in the community."

Fun Fact!: "I played lacrosse for 8 years."




Director of Scholarship and Learning

Carolyn Bencko

Position Description: 

The Director of Scholarship and Learning is in charge of coordinating Panhellenic Scholarships and scholar of the week. This position works with the VP of Member Development to organize various events to set Panhellenic women up for success academically.

Year: Sophomore


Majors: Software Engineering and Fashion Minor


Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH


Chapter: Delta Zeta

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I wanted to find a group of uplifting girls who support each other during college as well as after as we all grow into confident, strong women!"

Fun Fact!: "A fun fact about me is that I have two goldendoodles at home!"




Director of Acropolis

MariClaire Warnock

Position Description: 

The Director of Acropolis is in charge of coordinating the Acropolis retreat which takes place in October of the fall semester. Acropolis is a leadership retreat for those in the Greek community who are looking to gain skills that will help them go on to become leaders within their own chapter or within their council. The Director of Acropolis works alongside the Panhellenic and IFC VP Member Development in order to choose the mentors and participants of the retreat. In addition, while on the retreat the Director of Acropolis will work alongside both an IFC, MGC and NPHC members to make sure that the weekend goes smoothly and all the events are organized in an effective manner.

Year: Junior


Major: Human Capital Management and Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN


Chapter: Phi Sigma Sigma

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek to meet a supportive group of friends that I can give back to the community with."

Fun Fact!: "When I was 4, Dick Vitale comforted me outside of a restaurant when I had a breakdown about not getting more bread."



Director of Health and Wellness

Natalie Underwood

Position Description: 

Year: Junior


Majors: Nutrition/ Dietetics


Hometown: Columbus, Ohio


Chapter: Alpha Chi Omega

Why I Went Greek: "I went Greek because I was so excited about the opportunity to get more involved on campus and form friendships that last a lifetime!"

Fun Fact! "I raced in a walking half-marathon at the age of 11, and was the youngest participant!"



Interested in learning how YOU could be a part of the Panhellenic Executive Board? 
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