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PNM Resources

Important Links

  • Recruitment Absentee Form - Complete this form if you need to miss any recruitment events. Excuses must be approved by Panhellenic.

  • Athlete Accommodation Form - Complete this form if you are an athlete and need accommodations to your schedule because of athletic responsibilities.

  • Grade Explanation Form  - The minimum required GPA is a 2.5. If you do not have a 2.5 you will not be eligible for recruitment. However, if your GPA is above a 2.5 and you would like to explain your academic situation to chapters, you may complete this form. Many chapters have a higher GPA requirement than a 2.5. Chapters are not required to utilize this information if provided.

  • Concern Form - Complete this form if you have any concerns about the recruitment process and need to report it to Panhellenic.

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