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Panhellenic Recruitment Standing Rules

Updated as of November 14th, 2023

Miami University Panhellenic Association 

Standing Rules: Administration of Membership Selection 

Approved November 14th, 2023 


All membership recruitment programs are planned to provide opportunities for the greatest number of women to become part of the sorority community while protecting the rights and privileges of individuals, NPC chapters and member organizations. A membership recruitment schedule of events and activities should complement the institution’s orientation programs and/or academic schedule and not conflict with them. 


Section 1. Code of Ethics. 

We as undergraduate members of the Panhellenic Association of Miami University, agree to promote honesty and trust between and within all chapters during sorority recruitment. Our vision is to create a successful and unified Recruitment program for each of our chapters by: 


A. Integrity – Relying on our own good judgment, using ethical decision making in all situations. Actions can be inappropriate and unethical even if they are not explicitly stated as “rules”. 

B. Respect – A mutual understanding that each person and chapter is unique in some way and willingness to share and express opinions openly as individuals; celebrating differences across the Greek and Miami Community. Provide an equitable and inclusive sorority experience for all women who are interested at the institution. 

C. Bullying – PA prohibits acts of harassment or bullying. Harassment or bullying is any gesture or written, verbal, graphic, or physical act (including electronically transmitted acts – i.e. internet, cell phone, or wireless handheld device) that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic, such as race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, sexual experience, gender identity and expression; or a mental, physical, or sensory disability or impairment; or by any other distinguishing characteristic. 

D. Support – Acting as one united body rather than many separate entities and promoting the opportunities that will be gained in the Greek Community as a whole. Together we will build the future of the PA at Miami University. United we stand, together we fall. 

E. Collaboration – Acting purposeful by sharing ideas, holding each other accountable; being responsible and practicing selflessness for the sake of benefiting others. Together everyone achieves more. 

F. Sincerity – Believing in others. Through our genuine actions and encounters with others we will exemplify loyalty and faithfulness toward all. 

G. Education – Promising continuous growth and development by acting out our founding principles and promoting excellence in scholarship. Demonstrating a never-ending desire to improve the quality of life of ourselves and those around us. 

H. Golden Rule – Treat others, as you would want to be treated. 

I. Promoting the alignment of PNM and chapter values to the best of our ability.


Section 2. Membership Recruitment Rules

  1. All NPC member organizations represented at Miami University adhere to NPC Unanimous Agreements and policies. All organizations will follow these valued and non-negotiable policies during the recruitment process.

  2. The Membership Recruitment rules as well as this Constitution and Bylaws apply to all persons associated with Panhellenic Membership Recruitment, including chapter members, potential members, new members, chapter advisors, affiliates, and alumnae. All shall abide by silence rules outlined in Section 13 throughout the recruitment process. 

  3. Amendments to these rules may be made when deemed necessary, following the guidelines set forth by the PA Constitution and Bylaws. 

  4. No rule may be altered once Formal Membership Recruitment begins. 


Section 3. Membership Recruitment Eligibility 

  1. A woman is eligible to participate in membership recruitment if she is a regularly matriculated student on campus according to Miami University Guidelines (see B). They must not be simultaneously enrolled in high school and attending college. 

  2. Miami University requires for a woman to participate in Formal Membership Recruitment, she must have successfully completed at least twelve (12) hours the previous semester with a cumulative 2.5 GPA, including all transfer students. Panhellenic Association will accept one transfer transcript to verify GPA requirements. 

  3. Any woman who registers for Formal Recruitment after the deadline will be charged a $75 registration fee, unless exempt per Panhellenic approval. 

  4. A woman shall provide her own transportation or use transportation provided by Panhellenic to and from membership recruitment events. 

  5. From the beginning of Recruitment Kick Off through the end of Formal Panhellenic Recruitment, no potential new member may visit a women’s fraternity chapter except to attend invitational or open recruitment events. 

  6. A woman shall not be, or have ever been, an initiated member of an NPC group and join another NPC group. 

  7. No female student shall be asked to join an NPC fraternity during any school recess except during a Formal Membership Recruitment period and the ensuing continuous open bidding held immediately prior to an academic term. 

  8. No women’s fraternity member may buy anything for a potential new member. 

  9. A woman shall not give a promise, either verbal or written, to join a certain fraternity before bids are issued through Panhellenic. 

  10. A woman shall register for membership recruitment and pay a registration fee of $75 at the time specified by the PA. 

  11. A woman shall attend orientation and all events to which she has accepted invitations. In the event of illness or emergency, she should notify Panhellenic and/or her recruitment counselor/Rho Gamma if she cannot attend. 

  12. A woman may only be excused by Panhellenic from a Formal Recruitment event or activity for an academic class or a University related commitment such as athletics, a University committee meeting, for personal issues related to a family concern or an extreme case of illness that is verified by a hospital or doctor’s note. A PNM may be asked to share the specific nature of her absence to the PA Recruitment Committee so that an appropriate determination can be made. No other exceptions will be allowed. All absences during Formal Recruitment events or activities must be submitted in writing to the Recruitment Team by the end of Kick Off. An absence that occurs during recruitment will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

  13. Strict silence is the time during which there is no conversation or contact between women’s fraternity members and potential new members. This includes all references to fraternities, verbal, written, typed or printed. Strict silence is the period from the end of the woman’s last event until she reports to the fraternity from which she accepts a bid. 

  14. A list of all membership financial responsibilities will be given to each potential new member by Panhellenic or each member fraternity during membership recruitment. Panhellenic may give a range of fees as general information. 

  15. Panhellenic name tags will be provided to the potential new members for Formal Recruitment. Any name-tags or virtual designations will have an optional pronunciation guide. 

  16. A woman must contact her recruitment counselor/Rho Gamma and/or College Panhellenic if she desires to withdraw from the membership recruitment process and complete a withdrawal evaluation. 

  17. A woman will complete the MRABA after the last event she attends. It is a binding contract and once this has been signed, no changes may be made. 

  18. Any woman who signs an MRABA and receives a bid at the end of membership recruitment will be bound by the bid until the next Formal Membership Recruitment period at the same college or university. 

  19. A signed membership recruitment acceptance or a continuous open bidding (COB) acceptance is binding. If a potential member receives a bid under the preference system, she is ineligible to be pledged to any other NPC fraternity on the same campus for one calendar year. If a potential member does not receive a bid under the preference system, she is eligible for COB. 

  20. If through the Formal Membership Recruitment process, a potential member receives a bid and declines it, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC fraternity on the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s Formal Membership Recruitment period. 

  21. At a later date but before the next Formal Membership Recruitment period, if the potential member who declined her bid expresses interest in being pledged to the chapter with which she originally matched, she may do so only if the chapter extends another bid to her and has quota or Total spaces to fill. 

  22. If a potential member does not receive a bid at the end of the Formal Membership Recruitment period, she is immediately eligible to participate in continuous open bidding (COB). 

  23. If through the Formal Recruitment Process a potential member accepts a bid and then has her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC fraternity on the same campus until the beginning of the next year’s Formal Membership Recruitment period. 

  24. A COB acceptance is a binding agreement. If a potential member accepts a bid, signs a COB acceptance and then has her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or breaks her pledge, then she is ineligible to be pledged to another NPC Fraternity on that campus until the beginning of the next year’s formal membership period. 

  25. A woman who has accepted a bid either through primary or COB recruitment and who has her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity or has broken her pledge, may be re-pledged by the same NPC fraternity chapter on the campus at any time before the beginning of the next year’s primary membership recruitment period, even if the chapter is over Total. 


Section 4. Chapter Total 

  1. Chapter Total shall be calculated once a semester and will be communicated to the Panhellenic community. Chapter Total will be reviewed and set at the end of Formal Recruitment for the spring semester. 

  2. Chapter Total will be determined by the following system. Every spring after recruitment, Chapter Total will be reviewed and must be adjusted and announced by Panhellenic following bid matching and before the start of bid distribution to reflect the average or median chapter size (whichever is larger). Fall Chapter Total will be reviewed and announced within 24 hours of the start of the academic term to reflect the average or median chapter size (whichever is larger). 

    1. When the campus experiences greater than a 2% decrease in the open house pool over the previous year, Total must be set at midpoint or higher.

  3. Every regularly enrolled new member, initiate or affiliate of a chapter shall be counted in the Chapter Total. 

  4. Vacancies in total chapter size will be handled as stated in the NPC MOI. 


Section 5. First Semester Recruitment Activities 

  1. All First Semester Recruitment Activities are designed to promote all aspects of Fraternity/Sorority Life on Miami University’s Campus and promote a positive fraternity and sorority image. 

  2. The PA shall coordinate events to promote Sorority Life, including, but not limited to: Mega Fair (Student Organization Involvement Fair), Information Sessions, and Welcome Round. 

  3. First Semester Contact Rules: throughout the first semester, members of sororities are encouraged to have positive Panhellenic contact with all potential members. Positive Panhellenic contact includes discussion regarding the Greek Community and individual fraternity and sorority chapters in accordance with the Code of Ethics adopted by the PA. 

  4. Social Media Interactions: PNMs may follow chapter social media accounts. The chapter’s social media accounts and individual members may not at any time follow a PNM’s account from their social media account. 

    1. This does not apply to members that know a PNM prior to them coming to Miami University. 

    2. Chapter members may look at PNMs’ social media accounts but at NO TIME may they follow, message or interact with them unless it is to promote positive Panhellenic contact. All conversations must promote the Panhellenic experience and be focused on encouraging PNMs to register for the recruitment process. 

      1.  At no time may individuals or chapters use this as a source of promotion of their own chapter affairs or to recruit members to one organization.

    3. Chapters that are participating in COB in the fall may reach out to second year women via Social Media to promote any informal recruitment events. 

  5. First year women and unaffiliated upper class women may participate in all chapter activities that are open to all Miami women. No unaffiliated undergraduate woman shall be restricted entrance or participation in registered first semester recruitment events. Chapters must register events with the VP of Recruitment with information including date, time, location, description of activities and budget for events to communicate to all potential members to attend. 

  6. Fall events will consist of two large-scale Greek recruitment events that demonstrate the “Go Greek” concept. These events will begin with the first emphasizing the Greek community and the positives of being Greek, and end with the second event offering a more specific chance to get to know each sorority. Events will be fun, interactive, and highlight the Greek Pillars of Community, while generating excitement to join the Greek Community as we recruit potential new members. 

  7. Philanthropy events may be opened to potential new members. Requirements are:

    1. Event must be registered as a normal philanthropy event.

    2. Event must be held on campus.

    3. Details and invitations regarding the event must be sent to the VP of Recruitment to be sent out to all potential new members.

  8. Each sorority must hold all recruitment events on campus. 

  9. First Semester Recruitment Apparel 

    1. Apparel, such as custom designed shirts that have more than a chapter’s letters displayed, must be approved by the VP of Recruitment for use during informal recruitment events, such as Sprite Dates. 

    2. Apparel must have the PHC crest included in the design to be approved by the VP of Recruitment. 

  10. Chapters under Chapter Total who will be participating in continuous open bidding (COB): 

    1. All members, including alumnae and uninitiated members, are responsible for knowing and observing these Membership Recruitment agreements, policies, and Unanimous Agreements as outlined in the Manual of Information, 28th Edition. 

    2. COB is allowed in accordance with the MOI except from the last Friday of the Fall Semester until the distribution of bids at the conclusion of Formal Membership Recruitment. 

    3. Chapters below campus total (set at the beginning of each semester) are allowed to participate in COB. 

    4. Any promotion or invitation to COB events may not be directed to first year women during the first semester. 

    5. All chapters participating in COB must submit a Grade Verification Request Form to the Greek Life office prior to the start of COB activities by filling out the form located on the HUB. The chapter must submit this document to the Greek Life office and receive confirmation from the Greek Advisor that a PNM is eligible for membership before extending a bid. Women must also be verified for eligibility prior to being extended a bid. 

    6. All chapters participating in COB must have their new members listed on The Hub within one week of issuing a bid, including all contact information (email, cell phone, and student identification number). COB new members must also complete the New Member Activation Form location on the Cliff Office website to be added to the chapter’s roster on file with the office. 

    7. All chapters are expected to adhere to campus and PA policies, especially those relating to publicity and student housing, during all COB events. Violations of campus policy and these rules are subject to the process outlined in Section 16 of this document. 

    8. Chapters are prohibited from promising an invitation to join (bid) in the fall to any PNM registered for Formal Recruitment. 


Section 6. Sprite Dates 

  1. During the entirety of first semester, (including formal and informal recruitment events such as Sprite Dates) no favors or gifts may be given to women by the fraternity and/or individual members. This includes anything along the lines of gifts, merchandise, papers, flyers, or stationary that is distributed either in a recruitment event (such as a Sprite Date) or hung in a residence hall. This excludes the postcards that were pre-approved by the VP of Recruitment. Food may be distributed at Sprite Dates, but PNMs may not leave the room with food items. 

  2. Each chapter may hold one Sprite Date in the Fall Semester. The date will be agreed upon between the chapters and Panhellenic. 

  3. Budget - Sprite Date decorations and food/beverages are to be included in the Formal Recruitment budget. This excludes decorations that are normally in the chapter suite year round. 

Section 7. Invitations to Events 

  1. All invitations to Formal Recruitment events will be issued by the PA. 

  2. All chapters are expected to adhere to the release figures given to them by the PA when inviting women back for invitation rounds of Formal Recruitment. 

  3. For each round of Formal Recruitment, chapters must turn in their invitation lists at the time specified by the PA. 

  4. To ensure accuracy, it is recommended that Recruitment Chairs have another chapter member with them to double check their lists of those potential members they have invited against the computer list, and to check their event list against their invitation list. Invitation lists that have been submitted through the computer system by the chapter are not allowed any changes until the next round. 

Section 8. General Event Rules 

  1. All Formal Recruitment dates will not be planned on a national holiday or major religious holidays.

  2. Bulletin boards outside of suites shall be decorated in a manner which prominently displays the chapter name and/or Greek letters only at the beginning of Formal Membership Recruitment and shall remain unaltered until Bid Day. 

  3. At any time during Formal Membership Recruitment, only collegiate or alumnae chapter members may participate in Membership Recruitment functions. Other institution collegiate chapter members may participate with prior notification to the PA VP of Recruitment. 

  4. Adhering to the NPC Unanimous Agreements, men may not participate in Membership Recruitment and Bid Day Activities. Additionally, Panhellenic women will not participate in men’s fraternity events when or where the primary purpose is recruitment.

  5. Adhering to the NPC Unanimous Agreements, the use of alcoholic beverages and illegal substances in Membership Recruitment and Bid Day Activities is strictly prohibited. Recruitment testimonials (i.e. Preference speeches, chapter videos, etc.) should also not include references to alcohol and substance use.

  6. Recruitment entertainment consists of five (5) minutes maximum of philanthropy based videos during Philanthropy Round and a values based video during Sisterhood Round that must be kept at a maximum of ten (10) minutes. Songs sung during the entering or exiting of potential new members will not be considered entertainment. Entertainment is anything except conversation time, and ritual based activities. 

    1. Video: The content of any video that is shown during Formal Recruitment will be the same edited video content that was approved by the PA Recruitment Committee. Any deviation will be a violation of the recruitment event rules and subjected to infractions being brought against the chapter. 

  7. Five (5) minutes before the end of each event, a Rho Gamma will knock on the suite door and announce that the event will be over in five (5) minutes. All potential members must be out of the suite after those five (5) minutes. Chapters will also be responsible for monitoring event times. Failure to remain on time is subject for a sanction, see Section 16. 

  8. Rho Gammas shall not be involved with any PNMs in the process of completing and signing the MRABA (Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement).

  9. Bid Day apparel given to the New Members must reflect the PA’s code of ethics as well as the Chapter’s values and standards; the VP of Recruitment must approve all Bid Day apparel by the end of first semester. 

  10. Bid Day events are to commence at the time assigned by the PA and to end by 10:00 PM (the end of an event shall be defined as chapters ensuring that every new member has been safely returned to their room by 10:00 PM). It shall be mandatory that a PNM turn in a cell phone number in order to be reached on Bid Night. Bid Day events are to be completely alcohol and substance free. 

    1. They must be registered by the PA. All bid night functions are subject to inspection by the PA Executive Council.

  11. A $3,000.00 budget cap has been set for each chapter, which includes any costs that are used for Formal Membership Recruitment. Donated goods and services will be included in the budget figure. The budget includes: MegaFair and Sprite Date expenses, entertainment, and moving expenses. Not included in the budget: membership selection material, Membership Recruitment retreat information, food for the chapter, and chapter clothing. Two weeks following Membership Recruitment, Recruitment Chairs will submit an itemized breakdown of expenses by the chapter president and treasurer. Surpassed budgets will result in a recruitment infraction. 

  12. Facility – Each Chapter will use an alternate location to the Chapter Suite for each Round Event except for Preference Round. Each Chapter will be assigned the alternate location to the Chapter Suite on Miami University’s campus as deemed appropriate by the PA Recruitment Committee. Chapters may use their suite for Preference round. 

    1. After the newly established chapter(s) on campus (not to exceed their first two full Formal Recruitments) and any chapter(s) who did not meet primary quota the previous fall recruitment choose their locations, the following procedures will be used: 

      1. Remaining chapters will be ranked by all chapter GPA from the prior spring semester. The chapter with the highest GPA will be ranked number one, the next highest number two, etc. After this list is determined, major recruitment infractions that resulted in a sanction that affected a chapter’s spot on the room selection list will determine the final order for room selection. 

        1. After the ranked list is determined, the first group selects their space from the available options. Then the second group selects, etc. until all groups have made their selections. 

        2. After selections are made, chapters may swap rooms amongst themselves. If they do so, they must notify the Panhellenic VP of Recruitment no later than December 1. 

    2. Damage to Miami University Facilities is prohibited. If the chapter incurs damage, the chapter will be in automatic violation of recruitment rules with an automatic fine that is equal to the property loss in addition to a formal recruitment sanction. 

  13. Sound 

    1. Outside noise makers and props are prohibited from being used in any Round of Formal Recruitment. 

    2. Use of Facility to make noise is prohibited. Chapters may not use the walls, desks, tables, floor or ceiling. 

  14. Videos 

    1. Use of stereo/television/projection system is allowed to play videos approved by PA, when applicable. 

    2. Guidelines for videos vary and will be shared with Recruitment Chairs prior to Formal Recruitment, all guidelines must be met and approved by PA in order to be shown.

  15. Each chapter will have the ability to have tables with solid color (black or white University standard) table cloths. 

  16. Food and Favors – None 


Section 9. Individual Event Rules 

  1. Welcome Round Event – These events are held to introduce potential members to the Miami Greek Community. 

    1. Timing – PNMs will be strongly encouraged to submit 75 second videos to introduce themselves to the chapter. All PNM videos must follow the guidelines given by PA and must be approved by PA prior to being released to chapters. All chapter members must also sign a “PNM Video Confidentiality Agreement” before receiving access to PNM videos. Each chapter will also submit a video that is no longer than five (5) minutes in length to the PA VP of Recruitment. These videos must be approved prior to Formal Recruitment. PNMs will watch all chapters’ Welcome Round videos with their Rho Gamma groups. PNMs will rank each chapter after watching all videos. Guidelines for the chapter Welcome Round video are as follows: 

      1. Each chapter must provide their chapter’s full name, nickname, founding facts, philanthropy, mission, and values statement. 

      2. Videos should be informational rather than for entertainment. 

      3. No recreational drugs, e-cigarette devices, or alcoholic beverages may be in videos. Additionally, no video clips from inside bars are permitted.

      4. The video must not have a distracting background. 

      5. The video must have closed captioning. 

      6. The video may not be professionally filmed or edited. 

  2. Philanthropy Round Event – This round will be held entirely in person. Individual themes (such as what is submitted for Sprite Dates and Bid Day) may NOT be incorporated into these events. The entertainment or video must be philanthropy oriented and oriented to the 5 Greek Pillars. This round should include conversations about philanthropy and service. 

    1. Timing – Each event is twenty-five (25) minutes in length with thirty (30) minutes in between events. This will be the timing for each day/night a recruitment event occurs for Philanthropy Round. 

    2. Dress – Attire for chapter members at this round is a t-shirt designed by individual chapters which includes the PHC crest and is approved by the VP of Recruitment and Recruitment Committee by the end of the Fall Term. This ensures a “no-frills” recruitment. 

      1. PNMs will be provided a shirt from PA that they are encouraged to wear during this round. 

    3. Philanthropy must be introduced, but no philanthropy related artifacts are permitted. A philanthropy video may be played but must be used to further explain chapter’s philanthropy and should not be used for entertainment purposes. Guidelines are as follows:

      1. Videos may not be longer than five (5) minutes in length. 

      2. The video must have closed captioning. 

      3. No recreational drugs, e-cigarette devices, or alcoholic beverages may be in videos. Additionally, no video clips from inside bars are permitted. 

    4. Decorations: each chapter is allowed to have one set of wooden letters and an elevated platform for speaking purposes. Purchasing decorations for this round is prohibited. If this is violated there will be a $150.00 fine. Do not alter the physical appearance of the alternate location from its physical appearance. 

  3. Sisterhood Round Event – Sorority Life: Individual themes (such as what is submitted for Sprite Dates and Bid Day) may NOT be incorporated into these events. Entertainment for this round will be a recruitment video. The video must be related to sorority life, permitting the potential members to learn more about the sisterhood of each individual chapter. This round should include conversations about sisterhood and values. 

    1. Timing – Each event is forty (40) minutes in length with twenty (20) minutes between events. This will be the timing for each day/night a recruitment event occurs for Sisterhood Round 

    2. Sisterhood video guidelines are as follows: 

      1. Videos may be no longer than ten (10) minutes in length. 

      2.  ⅓ of the video needs to be dialogue testimonials from chapter members.

      3. Video must represent chapter values. 

      4. The video must have closed captioning. 

      5. No recreational drugs, e-cigarette devices, or alcoholic beverages may be in videos. Additionally, no clips from inside bars are permitted.

    3. Graphic with 5 final values chosen at Reverse Recruitment Kickoff or your chapter’s nationally recognized values must be displayed to PNMs. The design must be within reason and approved by the PA.

    4. Dress – Active members may wear coordinating outfits, but may not be identical.

      1. There is no dress code. PNMs are encouraged to wear what they feel comfortable in. This helps to put less emphasis on image and more on values. 

    5. Decorations: each chapter is allowed to have one set of wooden letters and an elevated platform for speaking purposes. Purchasing decorations for this round is prohibited. If this is violated there will be a $150.00 fine. Do not alter the physical appearance of the alternate location from its physical appearance. 

    6. g. Food and Favors – None 

    7. Chapters must share or post their financial responsibility so potential members can see them, no smaller than a poster board. 

  4. Preference – Every potential member who attends these events MUST appear on the sorority bid list. This event should introduce a piece of the sorority’s heritage and let potential members understand the point of ritual. 

    1. Timing – Each event is sixty (60) minutes in length with thirty (30) minutes in between each event. This will be the timing for each day/night a recruitment event occurs for Preference round. 

    2. Dress – Active members may be in coordinating outfits, but not identical.

      1. There is no dress code. PNMs are encouraged to wear what they feel comfortable in. This helps to put less emphasis on image and more on values.

    3. Decorations – Decorations should be heritage based and within the context of ritual. The point is for potential members to understand the sorority's values and creeds without revealing any of the secrets. An elevated platform is allowed for speaking purposes. Artifacts and decorations must be approved by the VP of Recruitment prior to the start of Formal Recruitment. 

      1. Potential new members should not leave the chapter’s Preference space with any artifact that was used during the Preference event (i.e. flower, note, etc.)

    4. Food and Favors – None 


Section 10. Issuance of Bids 

  1. After Preference Round, chapters will submit through the computer system the list of women they wish to offer bids. 

  2. Chapters must turn in their bid list at the time specified by the PA. Failure to do so will result in a Membership Recruitment infraction. 

  3. To ensure accuracy, it is recommended that Membership Recruitment chairs have the Chapter President with them to double check their bid list against the computer list. Bid lists that have been submitted through the computer system by the chapter are not allowed any changes after the specified deadline. 

  4. The PA will provide a range for Quota (Quota Range) to chapters for the planning purposes at each round during formal recruitment. Quota will be set after the final round of Formal Recruitment, if possible. 

  5. A potential member shall not be asked, either orally or in writing, to join a fraternity before the time designated by the PA. A chapter who fails to do so will receive a recruitment infraction and brought to a mediation. 

  6. Snap Bidding is an option for chapters that did not fill quota and shall adhere to the guidelines stated in the NPC MOI. 

  7. Continuous Open Bidding (COB): Continuous open bidding is an option for chapters that did not fill quota, or filled quota but did not reach Total, to take additional new members immediately following Formal Membership Recruitment. During First Semester recruitment, COB is limited to upper-class women and transfer students. In the spring semester, COB may begin on Bid Day after the Formal Recruitment bid matching process and continues throughout the academic year and includes any unaffiliated women with twelve (12) credit hours and the GPA requirement shall be met by the Miami University required GPA and determined by the chapter. If at any time chapter membership falls below Total, COB may occur. A potential member may be extended a bid orally (visiting a potential member or calling a potential member by phone) or in writing. If the bid is to be extended during a visit to the potential new member, only the sorority Recruitment chair, President, and/or sorority member who is her friend may be in attendance. A written acceptance to join is binding until the next session of Formal Recruitment and must be filed with the FSL Office within forty-eight (48) hours after a potential member accepts a bid.

  8. Bid Day locations must be accessible and pre-approved by PA VP of Recruitment. 


Section 11. Rho Gammas

  1. The Co-Directors of the Rho Gammas, under the direction of the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, shall coordinate all Rho Gamma activities. (i.e. retreats, meetings, etc.) 

  2. Rho Gamma eligibility: 

    1. Must maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA 

    2. Must have participated in recruitment with their chapter at least once prior to applying for the Rho Gamma position 

  3. During Formal Membership Recruitment, Rho Gammas may have contact with members of any fraternity participating in Formal Membership Recruitment. They may not discuss any potential new members or recruitment specific activities. 

  4. Rho Gammas will stay affiliated with their individual chapters during the Fall semester and formal recruitment. They must remain unbiased about chapters. They are allowed to wear chapter letters/t-shirts. They will be given Rho Gamma apparel that promotes the positive sorority image that they can wear. 

  5. Rho Gammas are allowed to keep their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) active, but are not allowed to friend request/accept requests from any potential new members. Rho Gammas are allowed to keep pictures with their sorority and post chapter specific pictures, including Sprite Dates, social, and philanthropy pictures but should always promote the Panhellenic experience as a whole. 

  6. Rho Gammas may participate in Greek Week events. Chapter letters may be worn whether participating or supporting. 

  7. Rho Gammas are required to maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average and good standing with her chapter throughout their term as a Rho Gamma; if they do not, they will be expected to resign or be terminated. Alternative measures may be taken at the discretion of the Vice President of Recruitment, Co-Directors of Rho Gammas, and the PA Advisor. 

  8. Any violation on the part of a Rho Gamma will result in a major Membership Recruitment infraction of the Rho Gamma’s affiliated Chapter (such as fines). Depending on the severity of the violation, a Rho Gamma may be terminated from her position at the discretion of the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Directors of Rho Gammas and the PA Advisor. 

    1. A Rho Gamma may also be terminated if it is determined that she has violated the Panhellenic Code of Ethics and/or any of the NPC Unanimous Agreements. 

    2. If a Rho Gamma is terminated, she will not: 

      1. Have contact with her chapter for the remainder of Formal Recruitment including Bid Day activities. 

      2. Take part in any Formal Recruitment activities including Bid Day activities.

      3. Have contact with the women in her previously assigned group or any other potential member for the remainder of Formal Recruitment including Bid Day activities. 

  9. Rho Gamma contracts which outline the expectations and responsibilities of being a Rho Gamma shall be signed within 7 days of the Rho Gamma being offered the position. If a Rho Gamma does not fulfill the obligations of her position as stated in this contract and is released after this date her decision will be counted as a major infraction of her affiliated Chapter. 

  10. Any discourteous behavior, verbal or physical, between a Rho Gamma and a Recruitment chair at the door of the suites during Formal Membership Recruitment will be considered a Membership Recruitment violation and handled according to Membership Recruitment infraction procedures. 


Section 12. Potential New Member Behavior During Membership Recruitment 

  1. Per NPC’s Code of Ethics, Panhellenic is committed to providing a safe, positive, and enriching recruitment experience, understanding that membership is a social experience arrived at by mutual selection. In addition we are committed to being respectful of the rights of every Potential New Member to make a personal choice, including but not limited to: not joining the sorority community at a specific time, intentional single preference or preference of all sorority chapters. 

  2. Any discourteous behavior, verbal or physical, of PNMs will not be tolerated. We expect all PNMs to adhere to the Miami University Panhellenic Code of Ethics found in the Recruitment Standing Rules. If a PNM is accused of inappropriate or discourteous behavior, they will have the opportunity to meet with the Vice President of Recruitment, the President of Panhellenic and Panhellenic Advisor to discuss evidence and possible outcomes. Behavior deemed discourteous by Panhellenic may result in a PNM(s) being released from the Formal Membership Recruitment Process. 

  3. Examples of discourteous behavior: 

    1. Speaking poorly about a chapter or active chapter member 

    2. Speaking poorly about a Rho Gamma 

    3. Speaking poorly about another PNM(s) 

    4. Sharing/sending chapter videos with/to an individual that is not participating in the recruitment process.

  4. PNMs will sign the Confidentiality Agreement during Formal Recruitment Kick Off which will outline PNM expectations for the duration of the recruitment process. Failure to sign this may result in being removed from the process.


Section 13. Silence 

  1. Silence is defined as a period of time when sorority women may not discuss recruitment specific activities with potential members. 

  2. First Semester Contact Rules: 

    1. During first semester recruitment, members of sororities are encouraged to have positive Panhellenic contact with all potential members. For example, speaking in class, conversations based on previous friendships, and inviting them to chapter functions that are open to all MU students (including women only events) are all accepted forms of positive contact. Invitations to functions where alcohol is served or present is not considered positive Panhellenic contact. 

  3. Formal Recruitment Silence Rules: 

    1. Chapter members may not have any contact with PNMs outside of recruitment rounds. This includes email, ANY form of social media, texts, and phone calls.

      1. If you have to be in contact with a PNM due to school related reasons, work, or living situations, discussion of ANYTHING related to Recruitment is strictly prohibited. 

    2. Chapter members will have NO contact with potential members during the period following the end of the Preference Round (4th Round), throughout the delivery of Bid cards. This includes sisters of sorority members who are participating in Membership Recruitment. In addition, sorority members will not be permitted into the residence hall or have any contact with potential members before 6:00 p.m. on Bid Night.

  4. Sorority members are permitted and encouraged to wear their respective letters during formal and informal recruitment. Chapter members may not discuss recruitment specific activities at any time during the Formal Recruitment process, especially when event invitations are being considered by the chapter and potential members. Silence will end for chapter members at the beginning of Bid Day activities and end for Rho Gammas between the hours of 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM, depending on specific Rho Gamma obligations during bid night. 

  5. Men’s fraternity letters are not permitted at any time during Formal Membership Recruitment. This includes but is not limited to sportswear, lavaliers, philanthropy, athletic, Greek Week, or Membership Recruitment T-shirts. Membership Recruitment infractions will be issued should these stipulations be violated. Each College Panhellenic shall denounce the participation of undergraduate Panhellenic women in men's formal recruitment. Additionally, men are prohibited to participate in PA Recruitment in any form. 


Section 14. Infractions 

  1. Membership Recruitment infractions shall be handled according to the guidelines set by the National Panhellenic Conference in the MOI. 

  2. The Vice President of PA Recruitment shall serve in the role as College Panhellenic President, as stated in the MOI. 

  3. Infractions not resolved through mediation will be referred to the PA Judicial Board. 

  4. D. Individual chapter infraction fines from Recruitment go to PA event funding. 


Section 15. Mediation 

  1. All recruitment infractions in need of Mediation will follow the mediation protocol in the NPC MOI. 

  2. If mediation is not successful, the issue may be referred by the Panhellenic President to the Panhellenic Judicial Board, unless the chapter or individual filing the initial CPH Violation Report Form requests that the matter be dropped. 

  3. The Panhellenic President is responsible for referring the issues in a failed mediation to the Judicial Board. All materials pertinent to the case are to be forwarded as soon as possible so that the Judicial Board may schedule a meeting to review the materials in a timely manner. 

  4. Failure to follow any guidelines set forth are subject to mediation. 


Section 16. Sanctions for Infractions of Membership Recruitment Rules 

  1. Ethical behavior is expected of all members at all times. The NPC Unanimous Agreements state that each college PA shall adjudicate fair and reasonable sanctions for infractions of Membership Recruitment rules. Sanctions must correspond to the nature and the degree of seriousness of the offense for both Minor and Major infractions. 

  2. Infractions and sanctions are subject to change and are up to the discretion of PA. 

  3. Minor Infractions and Sanctions - Minor infractions are based primarily on Membership Recruitment procedure violations as outlined in the Panhellenic Membership Recruitment rules. Minor infractions include, but are not limited to, Membership Recruitment procedure violations such as:

    1. Budget violations. 

    2. Membership Recruitment regulation violations 

      1. Decorations 

      2. Membership Recruitment outfits 

      3. Entertainment 

    3. Gifts of any sort, including personal or preference notes. 

    4. Recruitment events that extend beyond scheduled closing time, thus delaying potential members. 

    5. Submitting invitation lists after specified times. 

  4. Examples of Appropriate Sanctions for Minor Infractions: 

    1. No Sanction

    2. Official Reprimand (Reports to be sent within one week of imposing sanction)

      1. Officially recorded in College Panhellenic minutes 

      2. Report sent to Inter/National President of offending group 

      3. Report sent to NPC delegate of offending group 

      4. Report sent to NPC area advisor 

    3. Constructive Sanctions of Positive Nature: 

      1. Set a number of community service hours required for each member. 

      2. Plan a workshop for chapter/PA dealing with Membership Recruitment procedures. 

    4. Monetary fines shall be acceptable only for measurable infractions (i.e. actual computer time, late parties, etc.) 

      1. During Formal Recruitment, failure to turn in invitation lists during formal recruitment by the time specified by the PA will result in a one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00) fine for the first fifteen (15) minutes past the deadline. Each additional fifteen (15) minute period will constitute a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine. There will be no maximum fine for late invitation lists. Chronic tardiness in lists (two or more times) will result in a Membership Recruitment Infraction. 

      2. During Formal Recruitment failure to start or end a round on time, results in a $150.00 fine. This fine increases by $50.00 for each 15 minutes following. 

      3. Damage to a Miami University Facility will result in a fine that is to cover property damage and loss of use by the University. 

  5. Major Infractions and Sanctions - Major infractions are primarily the result of Membership Recruitment ethics violations and include, but are not limited to, violations of the NPC Unanimous Agreements and other recruitment violations, such as: 

    1. Failing to observe membership recruitment silence or contact rules.

    2. Disparaging remarks made about fraternity women or another group.

    3. Extending bids early. 

    4. Encouraging women to intentionally single preference. 

    5. Suggesting a woman refuse a bid from one group to wait for a bid from another group. 

    6. Involving men in the recruitment process. 

    7. Involving alcohol in the recruitment process including talking about it in conversations and Preference speeches. 

    8. Suggesting that a woman withdraw from the formal recruitment process and wait to go through the continuous open bidding process. 

    9. Rho Gamma incidents resulting in the release of a Rho Gamma from her position

  6. Examples of Appropriate Penalties for Major infractions 

    1. No Sanction.

    2. Official Reprimand (Reports to be sent within one week of imposing sanction)

      1. Officially recorded in College Panhellenic minutes 

      2. Report sent to Inter/National President of offending group 

      3. Report sent to NPC delegate of offending group 

      4. Report sent to NPC area advisor 

    3. Constructive penalties of a positive nature 

      1. Plan a workshop for chapter/PA dealing with Membership Recruitment procedures.

    4. Suspension of social privileges: 

      1. The deprivation of social privileges involves the suspension of social, Greek Week and/or intramural participation in varying degrees for specified periods of time. The suspension must be appropriate to the nature and degree of the infraction. Penalties including loss of social privileges shall not forbid formal or informal entertainment that is part of Membership Recruitment or the observance or an international celebration. 

    5. Room selection list order: 

      1. Based on the severity of the infraction, potential to be moved  down one spot or to the bottom of the list. 

  7. Inappropriate Penalties: 

    1. Deprivation of social privileges is no longer recommended for minor infractions. 

    2. An NPC fraternity chapter’s quota shall not be lowered as a penalty.

    3. The time of new member acceptance and/or invitation shall not be delayed as a penalty because this action infringes on the sovereignty of individual fraternities. 

  8. Duration and Completion of Sanction - The duration of any sanction imposed shall not exceed twelve (12) months from the time the final decision is rendered. A penalty shall become effective when the offending group receives the final decision. The judicial body imposing the sanction is responsible for the oversight during the life of the sanction.

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